Mahesh Jamdade


Beautiful Snippet

Web Application

My friend and I developed a school software, which can generate a photocopy of Transfer Certificate,Bonafide, and any type of official document,We have built this software using the javafx library.to make this software look rich and premium we have made use of the jfoenix library.JFoenix is an open source java library, that implements Google Material Design using java components.you can take a look at couple of shots of the software here.


Android App

I had an oportunity to work as an intern at Hands in Technology Mumbai. We were a team of three passionate people and we worked on a development of an Android App for an ecommerce firm which sells cosmetics.
It was a great Experience to learn about the Environment in a IT Sector and to Learn from the Real Time Developers.

Project Uber Auto

Android Application

This is My College Project with an intention to build a Similar mobile application like Uber for Local Auto Rickshaws in the Town,This is built purely using Native Android and FireStore in the Backend.

Web Scraping

To scrap results from the University Web page and notify to students

This is my final Semester Project that helps students get notified whenever the University results are out to get this working you need to once register on our portal and our program will do the rest of the Job,this project is built using python in the backend and web portal using html css in the front end.

Web Development

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I have learnt enough Java Script for frontend and completed a Freecodecamp Javascript Algorithm and Data Structure Certification (300hrs) and interested in exploring reactjs.

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I am well familiar with html 5 and css3,and have a very good experience using this markup language and infact this portfolio is built from scratch with pure html5 and css3 along with bootstrap without any frameworks or tools.

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Bootstrap framework has added life to my webpages and with Bootsrap 4 I make sure my webpages look beautiful on all Screen Sizes.

Mobile Development

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My basics of JAVA helped me to understand and get used to Android Environment in a jiffy,I am more comfortable during the UI development process when it comes to designing the layouts and pages and I make sure the layouts suite the best on all screen sizes.

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One of My best decisions had been getting early into Flutter and fall in love with this framework,Its really Inspiring to see How fast the Flutter community is growing and so is Flutter across different platforms and Devices.

Other Skills

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When it comes to staying synchronized and to collaborate with other developers I prefer Github.It gives more flexibility and transparency to work at our pace and time and stay updated with the project.

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FireBase Platform

I am quite well familiar with firebase platform for small applications that helps us quickly build and deploy our app on the cloud without worrying about the backend.

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